Ruakokoputuna    Martinborough's Magic Valley

The Ruakokoputuna Community Hall

People are attracted to the Ruakokoputuna Valley by its tranquility, rich birdlife, and unspoiled natural beauty. The large number of forest blocks that have been covenanted over the years and a recent regeneration program, attest to our local farmers’ desire to preserve the valley’s picturesque landscape for future generations. In the last five years alone more than ten new homes have been built in the valley, significantly increasing the population and adding to the vibrant community spirit which centres round the hall. Built in 1956, it plays host to the annual Guy Fawkes and Christmas parties which are important events on the Ruakokoputuna social calendar. The hall is also a popular venue for private functions, many of which are catered by the local community with wholesome country fare.

For hall booking and tariffs contact  Megan Philip: 06 306 8433 or Lois McAvoy: 06 306 9797