Ruakokoputuna    Martinborough's Magic Valley
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Welcome to Martinborough’s Magic Valley

Fifteen minutes drive from Martinborough in the Southern Wairarapa, the beautiful Ruakokoputuna Valley offers a unique range of exciting activities set amid dramatic scenery. You are welcome to come and explore.

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Patuna Chasm Walk

The famous Patuna Chasm is a two kilometer long labyrinth of towering limestone caverns and tunnels that make it one of this country’s most inspiring natural wonders. The Ruakokoputuna Chasm has been described as one of our nation’s hidden treasures. Access to the Patuna Chasm walk can be arranged by contacting Patuna Farm Adventures. [ more info ]

Horse Treking

Patuna Farm Adventures have horse rides for everyone from beginners to advanced riders. The farm offers a wide range of terrain from gentle river valley to ridge tops where riders are able to enjoy sweeping vistas and unencumbered ridge lines that stretch from the Tararua Ranges to the sea. [ more info ]

Patuna Farm Walks

Patuna Farm Adventures offers a variety of farm walks ranging from a leisurely meander beside the crystal-clear Ruakokoputuna River to a three-hour bash around “the circuit” that offers unsurpassed views of valley and hill country stretching from the Tararua ranges to the ocean. Smooth, unencumbered ridge lines dotted with hollows of covenanted native forest provide the Ruakokoputuna Valley with a unique and inspiring landscape that make these walks a delight. They are also becoming popular with mountain bikers. [ more info ]

Ruakokoputuna River

The crystal-clear waters of the Ruakokoputuna River flow through fossil-rich limestone ravines bordered by delicate ferns and mature native forest. Its deep pools play host to the rare native trout (Kokopu) and many eels (Tuna) take shelter beneath its mossy banks — which may be how the river got its name: Rua-kokopu-tuna.  However, a Kokoputuna is the local maori name for a very large eel so Ruakokoputuna may well mean “the place (Rua) of the giant eel.” The river is ideal for  swimming, angling, walking and fossil collection. Access to the river across private farmland must be obtained from the relevant landowner. [ more info ]

Haurangi Bluff and Environs

This well-known geological feature rises up directly above Patuna Chasm. Thousands of years ago a large part of the hillside broke away during an earthquake leaving the imposing cliff behind and the slopes below littered with huge limestone boulders. Over thousands of years these became mounded over by forest litter to form the distinctive Hobbit-like hillocks that so fascinate visitors today. Some of the boulders rolled all the way down and smashed into the chasm below where they wedged themselves between its vertical walls to form dramatic caverns and tunnels. An area above the bluff is a designated geo-preservation zone because of its rare pavement karst formations. It also features unusual limestone outcrops such as Jacob’s Rock, Dragon’s Mouth and Falcon Rock and abounds with many very large cabbage trees. The area is also rich in birdlife with our fearless native falcon (Karearea) often seen swooping between limestone outcrops in pursuit of its prey. [ more info ]

Ruakokoputuna Olives

Ruakokoputuna Olives is situated in the beautiful Ruakokoputuna Valley at the confluence of the Ruakokoputuna River and Blue Rock Stream and is surrounded by native bush.

The grove was established 11 years ago on the stony river terrace which has proved to be a prefect environment for olives. The aim was to produce not just Extra Virgin Olive Oil, but an exceptionally high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, this goal has been exceeded way beyond expectations.

Within the first 4 years of planting, the grove was awarded a medal at the most prestigious ‘Oils of the World’ competition held in Los Angeles each year. Since that first award it has been awarded many more medals and has twice won ‘Best in Class’, this literally means it is the best oil in its class in the world! It is the most awarded Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the Wairarapa.

The grove is well set up with its own state of the art olive mill, so that the olives are processed on site within hours of harvesting, for optimum quality. There are also two infused oils available, these are made the traditional way by adding the citrus fruit to the olives during processing rather than adding oil essences. [ more info ]

Blue Rock Road

Blue Rock Road branches off Ruakokoputuna Road at the Te Kairanga vineyard on Stoney Flat and snakes its way through picturesque native forest blocks and steep sheep-grazed hills as it follows the Blue Stream that flows through the glow worm caves. Wood Pigeon (Kereru) and Tui along with many other native birds abound in the forested areas here where residents have made great efforts to trap wild cats, possums, rats and mustelids that threaten birdlife. [ more info ]

Haurangi Forest: Guided Walks

Geoff Wilkinson and his wife Sue have lived at the head of the Ruakokoputuna valley for many years and Geoff’s knowledge of the flora and fauna of the area is unsurpassed. Their 4000 acre block borders the 50,000 acre Aorangi Forest Park which is one of only a few designated recreational hunting areas in New Zealand. If you twist his arm Geoff will take you to explore the old timber mill workings on his land, or on well maintained tracks through dense mountain beech forest to one of his well-equipped lodges. There you can sit and watch deer grazing and look out over Cook Strait to the snow capped peaks of the South Island. [ more info ]

GolfCross Goal-in-One

GolfCross is New Zealand’s very own version of eco-friendly golf where you use an oval, rugby shaped ball instead of a round one and shoot into goals instead of holes. As part of their adventure activities, Patuna Farm has a goal-in-one challenge that’s loads of fun for family or corporate groups. Clubs and oval balls provided. [ more info ]

Wairarapa Quad Adventures

Wairarapa Quad Adventures offer 4 hour scenic safaris on 350cc quad bikes in the Blue Creek area. These popular guided tours take in the Blue Creek glow worm caves and travel through Black Beech forest on the edge of the Aorangi Forest park and along high country farm tracks that afford sweeping views over the Wairarapa from the Tararua mountains to the coast. Tours operate on all weekends or during the week by appointment. Comprehensive safety briefing and bike instruction is included. [ more info ]

Clay Bird Shooting

Clay Bird Shooting is another challenging team-building activity offered by Patuna Farm Adventures. Under the supervision of an experienced shooter participants can improve their confidence while having an amazing time. [ more info ]

Glow Worm Caves

These caves on the Blue Rock Road boast several large caverns alive with glow worms and make an ideal adventure for family groups. Allow at least an hour to explore and expect to get wet feet. Bring a torch. [ more info ]

Pole to Pole Ropes Course

The Patuna Farm High Ropes Course is a dynamic and challenging personal development and team-building facility which draws individuals and groups from all over the greater Wellington region. There is also a Low Ropes Course designed to test stamina, agility, balance and flexibility. Both courses encourage individuals to build their confidence by taking them out of their comfort zones and allowing them to confront emotional issues such as fear of falling and fear of failure. The course is especially popular with school groups, sports teams and corporate groups. [ more info ]

Te Munga Safari Park

This 3,000 acre block is devoted to fair chase hunting and brings many overseas visitors to the valley. Trophy hunting is their main attraction, providing Red, Elk, Sika, Wild Pig and Fallow Buck. All hunting equipment is supplied together with overnight sleep-out requirements. They cater for individuals and  groups who are accompanied by professional hunting guides. [ more info ]

The Ruakokoputuna Community Hall

People are attracted to the Ruakokoputuna Valley by its tranquility, rich birdlife, and unspoiled natural beauty. The large number of forest blocks that have been covenanted over the years and a recent regeneration program, attest to our local farmers’ desire to preserve the valley’s picturesque landscape for future generations. In the last five years alone more than ten new homes have been built in the valley, significantly increasing the population and adding to the vibrant community spirit which centres round the hall. Built in 1956, it plays host to the annual Guy Fawkes and Christmas parties which are important events on the Ruakokoputuna social calendar. The hall is also a popular venue for private functions, many of which are catered by the local community with wholesome country fare. [ more info ]